Eoncred Silicone sealant Factory was established 1995 under the name of GuBang Adhesive Industry Co., Ltd. in the city of Linyi, which is the largest silicone sealant products manufacture in China. It's near to Qingdao and LianYungang port.It's strategic location of makes Linyi a rich source in the production of quality silicone materials and easy access for the distribution of our products.


Our company focus on the production of Structural adhesive, Weather resistant sealant, Flame retardant adhesive, Anti-mildew adhesive.

Subsequently, Eoncred Export Office was established in 2002 , and we invested in our production line of Silicone product in 2004, We have an extensive range of silicone such as Door and window adhesive, Insulating glass adhesive and Stone adhesive.

Eoncred Branch Company Qingdao Eoncred Int’l Co., Ltd was established in 2010.The company has formed a group of production and operation mode.